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You Can Become What You Want Part-1

Our Thinking World

We all are floating in an ocean of thoughts. A normal human mind thinks about 70,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. Out of these 80% are negative thoughts and 95% are repetitive thoughts. Our mind is like a garden. It is up to us whether to grow flowers or thorns in it. Positive thoughts are like flowers and negative thoughts are like thorns.


Therefore, our thoughts make our destiny. As we think, so we become.

What You Give You Get Back

Have you ever noticed?

When you strike a ball against the wall, what happens? The ball comes back to you with the same speed. When you stand on a mountain peak and call out loudly, what happens? You hear your words echoing back to you. This is Nature’s Law – ‘What You Give You Get Back’.

Once there was a Mahatma ji passing by a small village. He knocked at the doors of villagers to give him a blanket as the winters were approaching. One lady gave him a new blanket. Another lady got irritated and gave him a blanket full of holes. Once it so happened that both the ladies were invited to a marriage in a nearby village. While returning back to their homes, it started raining. Both the ladies took refuge in an ashram which was on their way to home. Since it was getting cold, both asked for a blanket from Mahatma ji. One lady got a new blanket and the other lady received a torn blanket. Both noticed that they received the same blanket which they had given to Mahatma ji. This shows that whatever you give in life comes back to you.

The Philosophy Of Life

What you think about the whole day long, what you feel and believe in, becomes true for you. Think of prosperity and you will be prosperous. If you think yourself as a failure, so the universe says, ‘So be it’.

For example- A rickshaw puller pulls the rickshaw for his whole life, because he never thinks big. Whereas a businessman, who has a dream to do something great in life, provides good services to his customers, has a good intention, does the hard work, thinks for the welfare of others, becomes successful in life. One who has a big dream, wants to be successful, becomes so.

But one important point is our ambition (dream) and actions should be aligned. Only thinking big does not help. Working hard to achieve your dream is also required.

Thoughts + Beliefs + Pure intentions + Actions = Your life will become so.

Our thoughts and beliefs form the basis of our life. In the Bible, it is said, “God wished and one became many.” Thus, this universe was created (Sankalp ki srishty hai).

Now let us introspect, “What is my inner speech pattern, negative or positive? What do I want in life? What do I want to become in life?”

Say to yourself, “With God’s help all things are possible.”


The first step in building self confidence is that“Infinite Consciousness is always with me.” Whatever we feel, believe, think and work for becomes our destiny. For example, saints and devotees of God pray, “Oh Lord, I am yours and you are mine.”  They dream to become one with God. They do Satsang, chant the holy name of God and visit holy places. Thus, they achieve the highest aim that is ‘God’ in their lives.

For A Successful Life, Follow This Formula

  • When you wake up in the morning, before getting out of your bed, sit in a meditative pose for 10 minutes and say to God, “Oh Lord, I am yours and you are mine. The qualities of God are flowing through me and I am talking and walking with God all day long. My life is to be with God. I express the God like qualities. I become what I contemplate.” Feel that God’s cosmic energy is energizing you and you are receiving his love, energy, peace, bliss and happiness. Keep your thoughts positive and pure.
  • Have an ideal in life who you wish to emulate.
  • Your aim should be fixed. Do not change it again and again. Stick to your aim.
  • Pursue your passion. Do the work that you love and enjoy.

To Be Continued…

3 responses on "You Can Become What You Want Part-1"

  1. Guru Bhagwan ko naman h guru Bhagwan Ji ke anant anant anant sukhrane h jo hamare itna dyan rakhte h hame hamare goal per fix hona sikhate h

  2. kalpana bhatnagarJuly 4, 2015 at 4:06 pmReply

    Sadguru bhagwan ka anant skrn
    sadguru bhagwan ne hamare nakaratmak.drishtikon mein parivartan kiya he skrn he bhagwanji

  3. Gurubhagwan ko koti koti naman hai. Gurubhagwan ke anant shukrane hain Jo hamen Naam jap , Bhajan , simran ke saath saath jeevan jeene ke kala sikha rahen hain. Hriday se Gurubhagwan ko naman.shukrane Bhagwanji.

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