Spirtual Awareness

Surrender unto God

Total surrender is taking a backseat, smiling and watching God’s plans in action.

1. Surrender is an unshakeable feeling that God’s merciful plans for our life are far better than our own shortsighted and materialistic desires.

2. Surrender is having a relaxed state of mind free of all the stress.

3. Surrender is having a peaceful personality devoid of all the mess in the mind.

4. Surrender is highest positivity.

5. Surrender is letting go of your ego and let the Divine forces guide you.

6. Surrender is complete faith that someone is taking care, I need not worry.

  • F –  Forwarding
  • A – all
  • I –  issues
  • T – to
  • H – him ( GOD)

Guru Bhagwan makes us realise that when we let go & relax, we reach that soothing inner space where there is only peace and bliss. Remember, letting go is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new life, with a newer, more peaceful you! A very small child, say a newborn baby doesn’t know anyone other than his mother. So isn’t he well taken care of, fed, cleaned, bathed, covered, loved and protected ? He is! And that too so beautifully and purely, as the mother knows that the child is totally dependent on her. But as the child grows up, becomes independent and wants to do things on his own, the mother also lets him be.

GOD says, Gyani and Bhakt both are my sons, both are dear to me but Gyani is my elder son who thinks he is independent enough & responsible for his life. Whereas bhakt is my younger child totally dependent on me. He always looks at me, loves me & smiles at me. He talks to me, trusts me & surrenders unto me. He feels he belongs to me, he feels one with me and believes in me completely. I also feel responsible for him. I take charge and guide him throughout his life. When he leaves everything in my hands, he experiences ‘My hand’ in everything. I become his doer and he becomes my handle. The whole nature takes care of him & provides him with everything he needs, whether he asks for it or not. Age doesn’t matter at all. Even an old man of 80 years can also be my younger child.

Guru says- “Whosoever is egoless, is the younger child of God. Ego and doership are the main hindrance in surrender”.
When we surrender unto God, who is the mother of all the mothers, the supreme power, protects us from all the odds that come in between our being one with him. All our personal needs are well taken care of and worldly desires no longer exist. An extraordinary,  mystical ability is awakened that fulfills us from within and creates a heart that blesses everyone.

A weak person can not surrender. Only a mind which had full faith in God, who knows that we are here on the earth plane for a short period of time and God is the eternal truth, can leave the baggage of all his fears, worries, tensions & anxieties onto the ‘Lotus feet’ of his Master and be free. This freedom connects him to the supreme & makes him one with God.

The all kind and all merciful Lord doesn’t only purifies & uplifts him from inside, HE offers his devotee his own self and the Bhakt becomes an incarnation of his Master.