Spirtual Awareness

Setting our role model

Who is our role model in life? Whom do we look up to or whom do we emulate? Are they sportsmen, movie stars, businessmen, politicians or leaders…


Do we ever think of emulating Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ramtirtha, Mother Teressa, Great saints or bhakts such as Meera bai, Bhakt Haridas ji, Bhakt Narsi Mehta or our Spiritual Master?



We hardly think in this direction. Our aim in life will decide who will be our role model or idol. If our aim is to become a successful person, earn money, become famous, become popular or famous then group 1 will be our choice.

On the other hand, if our aim of life is to attain salvation, or attain Krishna’s love/God’s love which is told to us only by Satguru, our Spiritual Master, then our role models will be from group 2.
It is said, “As the company so the colour”.
Reading about the life of our role model colours our mind, heart and soul and we try to lead our life according to his teachings and life style.

In a spiritual aspirant’s life, his Spiritual Master is his living role model. It is said that LIVING GURU IS A BLESSING IN LIFE. The Master is the enlightened one who awakens the divine potential of the disciple. He teaches us both the spiritual as well as practical points of life.

Satguru guides us to read life history of bhakts/devotees. Reading bhakt stories develops love for God in our heart. It makes us realize how bhakts used to devote their whole heart, mind and soul, their whole life for attaining God’s love.