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Tips for Healthy living

Guru Bhagwan tells us the Tips for Healthy living-

1. Water is elixir of life. Drink at least 8 glasses (250 ml) of water every day.

2. Eat at least one fruit every day. Best time to consume fruits is between 12am – 4pm.

3. Eat one cucumber each day.

4. Eat tomato, onion & cucumber as salad before food. Radish should be taken after food.

5. Food which is satvik, cooked easily & prepared in no time is very good for health. Eat freshly made food.

6. Constipation brings dullness, laziness in whole body. So, drink good amount of water to prevent constipation.

7. Physical exercise 30 mins morning and evening brings freshness & activeness in life.

8. Popping medicines can be avoided if Pranayam is done daily for minimum 10 minutes.

9. Eat your meals timely.

10. If suffering from indigestion, keep a fast that day. Your body is a pharmaceutical factory. The cells have inbuilt intelligence to produce chemicals required to cure the ailments.

11. Eating too much leads to stomach problems.

12. Avoid company of people who are atheist. Be in the company of Satguru and Bhakts.

Guru Bhagwan ke Anant Shukrane hain.

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