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Sharing with all of you a handful of simple and effective tips to protect your skin from the scorching heat and humidity of summers, as told by a skin specialist.

To protect your skin from TANNING

  • Best sunscreen is your Umbrella.
  • Wear light coloured thick cotton clothes which cover your body fully. Avoid black or maroon colours.
  • Cover your head and face with a cotton dupatta/stole.


  • After bathing, dry your body completely and then wear clothes. Do not wear clothes on wet skin.
  • No oil massages in summers.
  • During rainy season, do not use coolers. Use fan or air conditioner.


  • Avoid going out in summers from 1 to 5 PM.
  • If required use coolers without pump in rainy season.


  • Wash your face with cold water [not with ice cold water] 3 to 4 times.
  • Do not use hair oil.
  • Use multani mitti face pack once a week.
  • Use a plain soap for face. Do not use medicated soaps such as medimix, savlon, detol or neem soap.
  • Avoid betnovate or any other steroid ointment on face.

A common problem is SWEAT BURN

When a person who is sweating, sits immediately in a closed car, the heat of the car seat along with the sweat creates steam which burns the back. Keep the doors and windows open for few minutes so that the car cools down.


1. STAY HYDRATED. Drink at least 10 – 15 glasses of water daily.

2. DITCH THE AERATED DRINKS – Instead drink water, fresh lime juice, aam (mango) panna or coconut water and eat fresh fruits to stay hydrated. Avoid packed juices.

3. Exposure to sun for a long duration causes legs pain due to loss of potassium in sweat. So, take LEMONADE.

4. SCRUB – It is important to exfoliate/scrub your skin in summers to remove the dead skin & improve blood circulation. Massage your face with 4-5 tsp of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric; mix it with milk to form a smooth paste for dry skin and with water/rose water for oily skin.

5. USE A TONER – It is important to keep the skin pores closed and skin cool by using a toner. Best toner is refrigerated water or rose water, not ice cold water.

6. Donot use moisterizer in summers or if required apply water based moisterizer.

7. TOMATO is a great help in summers. It lightens skin tan, blemishes & dark spots. Unlike lemon it does not irritate or dry the sensitive skin.

8. CUCUMBER hydrates the body. It works wonders when consumed orally & when applied to the skin topically.

9. ALOE VERA application is very good for sun tan. Another great option for sun tan is to apply the mixture of milk & few drops of lemon to the skin.

10. For SKIN CUTS or abrasions, local application of Calendula homoeopathic ointment is very useful.

In spite of this if you have some problem, then consult a skin specialist.


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