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Radiant Relationships-Chapter 3

A Change over in our thought pattern from negative to positive

  • I am right – You are right too
  • Possessiveness, trying to control the other person – Give space and freedom
  • You don’t understand me – I understand you
  • Look at me, here I am – There you are
  • You are mine – We both are God’s children
  • I must grow and move ahead – Let us grow & move ahead together
  • He did wrong to me – All is well in God’s world. I release the past with love (bhagwan ka har vidhan mangalmay hai)

How to develop a good relationship with yourself?

  • Meditate regularly.
  • Be in the Divine Company of Satguru.
  • Practice inner silence.
  • Be non judgmental.
  • Be with nature.
  • The power is in the present moment {be in the now}.
  • Chanting God’s name

How to develop a good relationship with others?

  • Give quality time, not quantity of time
  • Be clean rather than clever
  • Adopt an attitude of giving and serving others
  • Give words of honest appreciation

Relationship with God

The Master says- “The ultimate goal of each and every soul is God realization”. We are sent on this earth plane, to heal our relationships, to learn our lessons of life, to become pure and learn unconditional love. This life is not to become attached to this world but become one with the Almighty.

In this kalyug, chanting God’s name and singing his glory is the only way to develop love for God. Have we developed any relationship with God? Is God my friend, my master, my son, my father, my beloved?  

Reference- You can heal your life by Louise L. Hay.

5 responses on "Radiant Relationships-Chapter 3"

  1. Satguru Bhagwan ke anant shukrane hain.
    I have read all the three parts, it is very clear and crisp. It brings out how much negativity we have in our mind.
    Our guru bhagwan is working continosly to improve our behaviour and attitude towards our life, and simultaneously towards others life. we always try to blame other for our faults instead of looking within ourself howmuch wrong we are and the harm we have being doing to ourselves and in turn to others also.
    Thanks to Gurubhagwan for enlightening us.
    Gurubhagwan ko koti koti naman hain.

  2. Sadguru bhagwan ka anant shukrana
    Guru bhagwan ne hamare vyavharik n parmarthik dono roopon ki samajh dekar hamara bhagwan se prem badaya.sarvatr prem ka bhaav bana rahe VASUDEVH SARVAM es lakshya ki taraf agrsar kiya he.
    Anant anant shukrane hein guru bhagwan ke.

  3. Sadguru bhagwan ka anant shukrana
    guru bhagwan hamare vyavharik n parmarthik dono roopon ki samyaksamajh dekar bhagwad bhaav se bhar dete hein.hridey
    sarvatr vasudeveh sarvam ki rasanubhuti karne mein keval guru bhagwan ki atishey kripa se hi kar pa raha he.
    Anant anant skrn hein

  4. Guru Bhagwan ko naman hain aap ke anant shukrane hain.

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