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Incredible India

India, our motherland is a rich country in every aspect, be it spiritual, cultural or scientific aspect. We are grateful to the Almighty for giving us human life on this sacred land. Being an Indian is a matter of great honour and pride to be born on this pious spiritual land. Despite India being a blend of various traditions, languages, life styles, cuisines and different festivals, something that binds all Indians is love and brotherhood.

Spiritual aspect of India

India is a land of Spirituality. Lord Vishnu’s 24 incarnations made each particle of Mother India worth being worshipped. Many Saints, Rishis, Munis, Gurus have taken birth on this pious land named BHARAT. They have greatly contributed in drawing the masses towards spirituality.

The Supreme Creator has put each one of us in the world for a purpose, i.e. Self Realization. As the world is becoming increasingly capitalistic and materialistic, the quest and urgency for being spiritual is the highest. We extend our gratitude to our Divine Mentor for relating us with the ever needed connection with the Divine.

The mystic rivers that flow in India carry great spiritual significance. It is believed that our sins get washed away each time we take a dip in holy river Ganga. The pious river Yamuna is believed to bestow the Divine love of Lord Krishna. So let us revere these sacred rivers and take a pledge not to pollute them anymore.

In India, there is a great significance of Spiritual Master, i.e. SATGURU in one’s life. The Gurukul system that prevailed in India predominantly in the Vedic period depicts this culture. In Gurukul system, the disciple spends his early years of life under the guidance of his GURU following the rules of Brahmacharya ashram and thus gets spiritually evolved.

The great healing technique of ‘YOG’ is a gift of India to the world. It cures physically, mentally and ensures the highest purpose of life, i.e. connection with GOD.

‘Yog’ has two basic definitions –

  • Maintaining equanimity among the dualities of life i.e pain and pleasure, life and death etc. ,is ‘Yog’. समता का नाम योग है।
  • दुखों के संयोग का जिसमें वियोग है, उसका नाम योग है।

While fighting for India’s Independence, Mahatma Gandhi was facing many difficulties and failures. A saint reminded Gandhi ji to seek for God’s help and connect with the Almighty to accomplish his mission-Independence. Gandhi ji used to sing this Bhajan –

“रघुपति राघव राजा राम, पतित पावन सीता राम”।

Finally, India got it’s Independence on 15th August, 1947 with the passion of our freedom fighters and the Divine Grace of God.

Cultural aspect of India

People in India are concerned about each other. For generations, there is a tradition of joint family system which helps each member of the family, learn to live with love, cooperation and adjustment. Thus, with this system, Indians especially Indian women develop a high level of tolerance and a feeling of service.

It is said that the grass is always greener on the other side. Today’s youth look upon the western world and try to mimic their culture, style and language. But, we forget that the place where God has kept us is the best for our growth and learning.

The fraternity of Indians is a result of the beautiful culture that teaches us to extend a hand of help to anyone who is in problem. We are taught the principle of ‘वासुदेव कुटुम्बकम’ – (Shrimad Bhagavad Gita- Chapter-7, verse- 19) since early childhood which develops a feeling that the whole world is our family.

India’s contribution to the world

The spiritual contribution of India to the world is never ending. Besides spiritual aspirants, India is also well equipped with scientific minds. The most significant discoveries include-

  • The introduction of Ayurveda brought a paradigm revolution in the medical field.
  • The discovery of zero by Aryabhatta taught the world how to count.
  • A remarkable breakthrough was achieved by Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose who worked deeply in the area of Microwaves providing the world with the facility of wireless communication.

Messages by our Divine Mentor for the Youth

  1. Be Indian, buy Indian- The value of Indian rupee is decreasing because we are purchasing foreign products. To avoid our currency from getting devalued, we must spread awareness among ourselves to buy products manufactured in India itself. We do not need to give up our lifestyles, we just have to choose an alternate product.
  2. It is seen these days that our intelligent and hard working population are going to foreign countries for higher salary packages, better job opportunities and higher living standards. This is called Brain Drain. On the other hand, we see many Indians who have passed out from IIT, IIM have opened N.G.O’s. These organisations work for the upliftment of our nation in every aspect such as organic farming, better irrigational facilities, use of gobar gas system, use of solar energy etc.inidna-flag-black-and-white-with-color-photo

Let us develop a sense of service for our motherland and work for it’s betterment.


Our Spiritual Master says, “Real Independence is being free from attachments, hatred, greed, desires and ego. Real Independence is rising above me and mine and working for the benefit of our country”. As Lord Krishna saya, ‘वासुदेव कुटुम्बकम’ – (Shrimad Bhagwad Gita- Chapter-7, verse- 19).

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः, सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु, मा कश्चित् दुःख भाग्भवेत्।

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

August 14, 2017

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  1. Guru bhagwan Ke anant shukrane

  2. Satguru Bhagwan ke Anant Anant sukhrane h

  3. Guru Bhagwan ke Anant Anant Shukrane

  4. अखिलेश मिश्रAugust 15, 2017 at 4:57 amReply

    सदगुरू भगवान की असीम कृपा है ।
    गुरु भगवान के अनंत अनंत शुकारने है ।

  5. Avery beautifully intelligently passionately sritten blog. We are proud to b an Indian. It is d great master in our life who teaches us to rise above our small I and to come in d bigger I. We are very thankful to our Satguru. We all pray and bless him with love of KRISHNA. We all love our master. Thank u dear Guruji to Be in our lives and to teach us the great goals and help us in achieving them.

  6. Sadguru Bhagwan ji k anant anant shukrane h.

  7. Beautiful message. Guru Bhagwan k anant shukrane hein. Guru Bhagwan hi hume Bhagwat prem k sath desh prem ki bhawna dridh karna sikhate hein.

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