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Our Mentor asks, “How is our relationship with our friends, relatives or cousins that is people of the same age group?

Do we feel…

  • I can’t keep friends for too long!
  • My friends do not understand me!
  • I do not know how to make friends!

Do we experience strained relationships or friendships? What is the basic cause behind the strain?

pro1371744578friendship-test-ezineastrologyThe reason is that we try to change the other person and mould them according to our wishes/likes be it our friend, relative or cousin. But, is it possible to change the other person? No. We try to advice the other person, which he does not like. He feels that his freedom is at stake. Nobody in this world would like to be under someone and therefore, he slowly moves away from our life. We should learn to accept people as they are.

Why is it that some people have the quality to make good relationships and have lots of friends? The basic reason that lies behind is that when we love and accept ourselves, then only we can accept others as they are.

We can say an Affirmation: “I love and accept myself”.

Such a person becomes an ocean of love. He is charismatic, fulfilled and always smiling. All people get attracted towards him. His relationship with everyone is healthy, long living and congenial.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the key to all relationships.

Hare Krishna!

October 4, 2015


  1. Guru bhagwanji is our best friend

  2. सदगुरू भगवान के शुकराने
    गुरू भगवान ही हमारे परम हितैषी परम मित्र हैं।
    क भटनागर

  3. Saarey rishtey, dosti sab Guru se he h. Guru k anant shukrane h.

  4. Swati rawal dhamijaOctober 4, 2015 at 5:38 pmReply

    GURU halat palat dono saware.BHAGWANJI hamara parmarth sawar rahe hai saath hi hamara vyavahar bhi sawar te hain.hriday se anant anant shukrano sahit hriday se koti koti naman.

  5. Gurubhagwan ke anant anant shukrane hain. Gurubhagwan hee hamare true friend hain , jinhone hamen jeevan ka satya batlaya. Aur hamen har pal sambhal rahen hain. Shukrane bhagwanji.

  6. रुब मेरा सत्गुरू बन के आया मेरी ज़िंदगी मे मेरी ज़िंदगी सवार दी जय सत्गुरू दीन्दयाल

  7. Guru bhagwan …you have given a right perseption of relations.. your guidance has improved my relation with myself and others. It was not soo easy to accept people as they were but with your unconditional love ..it was possible .. many many thanks

  8. God is my best friend.love and acceptance is the key to great friendships.

  9. Satguru bhagwan jee hamaare jeevan ke aadhar hai….vo param hitaishi hai

  10. Satguru bhagwan ke anant Shukrane. .
    Radhe Radhe Bhagwanji !!!!

  11. Guru Bhagwan ke anant anant Shukrane.

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