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You Can Become What You Want Part-2

Dream Big And Work Hard

There are two things:-

  1. Big dream
  2. Hard work

One who only dreams big and does not work for it, he is a Sheekhchilli or a dreamer. He reaches nowhere. One who only works hard with no big dream is a laborer who receives very little. Thus, to be successful our aim and actions should be aligned.

 Two Attitudes Of Life

There are two attitudes in life –



Swami Ramtirth quoted an example. Once there were two brothers who received equal parts of the land in the form of a legacy from their father. One son became prosperous with a big house and more land. The other son became poor, started drinking and cursing others. When asked for the reason for his success, he said, “I adopted the techniques of – Come let’s work together. For 15 years I worked on the land along with the farmers. Now I supervise them and manage the marketing work. This is how I became successful.”

The second son lost his land, had no money and came on to the roads. The reason behind his decline was his lazy nature of – Go do the work. He puffed cigarettes and enjoyed himself. Even the workers used to enjoy themselves as there was no one to guide and supervise them. Ultimately, he lost his land and money and became poor.

Those who reach to greater heights in life have a focused mind. They do what they have to do. They work hard in life.

How Do You Think About People Who Are Around You?

The way you think about people around you reflects your own nature. To be successful in this world, a good character is essential. Our behavior with others is important. It begins with how we behave with our mother at home. Begin to observe your thoughts and feelings about people, especially at home. If we say, “All are good” this shows our thinking is good and if we say, “All are bad” this shows our negative thinking pattern. What is our reaction to people whom we meet? If we react in the same way as we used to react earlier, this shows we did not grow spiritually. Say, ‘I AM WILLING TO CHANGE’.

Avoid Or Ignore People Who Distract You From Your Goal

Once, few frogs participated for a race. All the viewers started shouting, “Oh, it will be a difficult race this time. They won’t make it to the end.” The race began. Guess what? Which one must have won the race? Out of all, a deaf frog won the race.

Moral: Be deaf to the negative statements of the people around you. Focus on your aim. Say to yourself, “I have a big aim in life”. The one who has the determination to move forward in life, no one can stop him. Do not get disturbed by other people, move ahead on your path. No one can distract a focused mind. You can become what you want. Begin to improve your thinking pattern.

Role 0f A Spiritual Master

In this world, people tell us how to act, how to behave. But no one apart from a Spiritual Master tells us how to think. Nature is listening to what we think and say.


Our thoughts contain 80% of negative and useless thoughts and only 20% of useful thoughts. One method to change our negative thinking pattern is to repeat to ourselves positive statements several times a day for at least 21 days.  Say, “I am willing to release the old thoughts. I am willing tochange. All is well in God’s world. I am prosperous. I am thankful to God. I am willing to forgive and forget. I approve of myself.”

Fill Your Cosmic Account

Have a helping attitude in life. Help others to learn and grow. Our selfless service gets stored in our cosmic bank account. This is our true investment in life. Keep growing and learning new things. If you do not progress you get bored.

A million thanks to our Spiritual Master ‘Satguru – The Maker of our life’, who change our thought pattern and makes us progress in life spiritually.

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  1. Lot of thanks to bhagwan to filled our life with satguru

  2. Gurubhagwan ke Shukrane hain.
    He is guiding & teaching us the important facts of life and how to achieve them, positively and spiritually
    We are very thankful that I have got such a guru and Gurubhagwan.
    Jai Jai Shree Radhey

  3. Arun Neekhara nd rashmi neekharaAugust 6, 2015 at 1:39 am

    Guru Bhagwan ko shat shat naman. Guru bhagwan ke Anant sukrane. Guru ne jeevan me hard work v giving nature sikhaya. Guru bhagwan ki kripa se jeevan ka goal path chala.

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