Spirtual Awareness



1. A Bhakt or a spiritual aspirant is a subject of amuse to the ordinary people around him when he breathes, talks and lives in GODHOOD all the time. His surrender is a big message that GOD, GURU BHAGWAN who looks after us, will look after all our dear ones. So, why worry?

2. None of us want unpleasant event in life but the ‘All merciful, Sarv Niyanta’ God whose impartial justice is HIS purest mercy knows us in and out. When HE is alert in giving us sour fruits of our bad karma, won’t HE be more alert in showering HIS blessings upon us?

3. The spiritual aspirant witnesses thousands of time in every step of his life that when he surrendered, stepped back and became silent, GOD spoke on his behalf. When the disciple became egoless, GOD took charge and everything fell into its place beautifully. When he could not cook, God sent a sumptuous meal. Until and unless we break the trap of our own ego, we do not let God work for us.

4. Every event in our life is the ripened fruit of the seeds sown before by us. Now is the time to enjoy the fruit whether it tastes sweet, sour or bitter. We need to be careful or alert while planting the seed i.e. while being harsh or rude to someone, while doing a bad deed, while being dishonest, while taking unjustified credit. At that time, we never say no! We satisfy our own ego. But, then we should also be able to take all the happiness and sorrows in our stride too.

5. We need to open our eyes to see God’s love for us. If we feel all the happy events in our life are blessings from HIM, we strongly need to realize that all the unpleasant events and testing times are a greater blessing from God bringing us closer to HIM. “When the pain is highest, GOD is nearest”.

6. We need to see every event as a gift of God coming from HIS hands. This will also stop all the blames and complains the mind puts on the people around.

7. Do we see GOD as our friend or foe? God is our highest benefactor. So, how can He do us injustice or any harm? Every situation sent by GOD is for our evolvement.

8. Remember, HE is the doer, not anybody else! Everything is totally justified. It happened only for our betterment and for our spiritual progress.

So, that brings us to the art of living a happy life, and that is TOTAL SURRENDER.

  • Soften our heart, speech and body.
  • Bow down to God’s decisions, believing that HIS plans for our life are far better than our own desires.
  • Be flexible. Accept everything that life offers us, as it is a blessing in disguise.
  • Let GOD play with us. Be like clay in His hands, whether He makes us smile, cry or laugh. Tell HIM, He is free to shape our life the way He wants. Do not suggest Him what to do.

BELIEVE – You belong to HIM. What HE does, is always the best for you!


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