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Science And Spirituality

It is truly said that science and spirituality move hand in hand but we hardly find evidences in this concern. It’s because the two things are so intermingled that we are unable to separate them and thus unable to connect them. In addition, this requires a deep insight into the world of science as well as a quest for spirituality.

Here is an effort to produce a connection between the two with a purpose of connecting scientific minds with spirituality so that the outputs in the field of science bring us closer to the ultimate reality, the Supreme Consciousness, GOD. Today people are heading towards materialism, the scientific equipments, of course, acting as catalysts in the process of increasing capitalism but science, instead of always indulging people in materialism, also does a great task of meeting our Spiritual needs.

Science, particularly Physics can provide us tremendous help in understanding the Divine Consciousness and thus connecting us with God if we embrace it.


Classical Physics is what deals with the physical phenomenon that we observe around us. Non-relativistic objects, generally of the macroscopic realm are considered under classical physics. This branch is characterized by a phenomenon that follows Newton’s laws of motion. But going at the subtle level, i.e. below atomic level, classical physics fails to explain certain phenomenon and thus we step on to Quantum Physics for a better understanding of the microscopic phenomenon.

How this Universe came into being?


It is a big question… Our Mentor tells that in the beginning there was only a word and the word transformed into the world. The word here refers to an invisible Divine energy that manifested itself in the form of this whole world, rather the whole Universe. God has well created this Universe in a perfect design.

From Einstein’s energy-mass relation that is as follows-

E= mc2

Where E is the energy of the physical system, m is the mass of the system and c is the speed of light in vacuum (3 X 108 m/s), we find that since the speed of light is a very large number in everyday units, so the formula implies that any small amount of matter contains very large amount of energy.

Also, this relation tells that energy and mass are inter-convertible. Guru says, in the beginning, there was only energy, the Superconsciousness, and that energy, GOD transformed into this whole Universe.


Let us prove it Quantum mechanically –


Quantum Physics deals with matter and energy at sub-atomic level while Spirituality takes into account macroscopic level (virat roop of God) as well as the microscopic level (Sukshma roop of God). Let us try to merge science and spirituality at the microscopic level.

energyAccording to de-Broglie hypothesis, every particle is associated with a wave, i.e. all matter in the Universe exhibit wave-like behavior and waves of well-defined wavelength λ are always associated with energy given by-

E= hc/λ

Thus, scientifically all matter is made up of energy and spiritually we call that energy as GOD-the Divine Consciousness.

“All the powers in the universe already lie within us. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”– SwamiVivekananda.

The inevitable truth that our Mentor tells is hence proved –

“भगवान (The Universal Divine energy) हमारे हैं और हम भगवान के हैं”



It sounds quite amazing to know that the things around us, our home, our car, accessories and above all our own body is not real at all. This is in synchronization with a well-known statement that we come across in Spiritual discourses- “The world is an illusion”.

Let us understand with the help of Quantum Physics how the world that seems to be so real is an illusion.

quarksEvery object in the entire Universe is made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, further atoms have electrons and the nucleus, and the nucleus has protons and neutrons. Protons and Neutrons are made up of the most basic unit, i.e. Quarks.

Quarks are elementary particles (six in number) which make up the entire Cosmos. The structure of Quarks cannot be determined as these have illusionary structures. Having closer look on the structure of an atom, we would see nothing but just a physical void. Thus, the physical world is unreal. Physical things do not have a physical structure. Things that we see actually build out of energy and not of tangible matter.


Man is a vibrational being. In fact, every object emits waves at the subtle level. The spinning elementary particles are always vibrating and releasing energy that transmits in the form of waves. These waves with vibrations of certain frequency match the frequencies of different things in the world. When we think about having something, we emit a wave of frequency that matches the frequency of that particular thing we are thinking about and thus we attract it.


Irrespective of any thought being positive or negative, the Universe responds to each and every thought in a similar manner. This goes in accordance with ‘The Law of Attraction’, which says you attract what you think repeatedly.

So, it is we who are creating our own world with attracting things that we think about. Guru Bhagwan says, be careful in what you think as your thinking creates your future.


Hare Krishna !!

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