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Positive Affirmations

10 Positive Affirmations which you can say to yourself in a day, as often as you like –

  1. All is well in God’s world.
  2. I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy and fit.
  3. Whatever happens in my life happens for the good.
  4. God and Guru loves me with all my imperfections and weaknesses. I love God too.
  5. Life is a learning process. So, learn, grow and march ahead. Whatever problems come in life are all for the evolvement of the soul.
  6. Life has some problems, challenges and difficulties. They are all beautiful. They help me to grow and help in my soul evolvement, they are all learning lessons.
  7. I accept people, situation and things as they are.
  8. I am a peaceful and loving being.
  9. My actions and my thoughts are always pure. I am full of energy and positivity.
  10. I love and accept myself.

Hey nath

Hare Krishna !! 

6 responses on "Positive Affirmations"

  1. Gurubhagwan k anant anant shukrane…

  2. Guru Bhagwan ke anant shukrane..

  3. Sad guru bhagwanji ko koti koti naman h. Hey nath aapko her pal hamare sambhal krte h.aapke anant shukrane h.

  4. Guru bhagvan ko hirday se naman hai. …guru bhagvan ki sahayta se hum positive hote jaa rhe hai.

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