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Love With God

There is an abstract feeling that resides in each one of us. This feeling is Love which is eternal in itself. Everyone is in need of Love in some or the other way but have we ever pondered as to what is the actual meaning of Love? Why do we need it or why do we like it? Where has this feeling originated from?


Our Mentor tells that in the beginning there was nothing except the Supreme Power, whom we call as GOD. With just HIS single thought, the whole universe came into being. As evident, there was no material to be manifested into the physical world so GOD Himself came in the form of different physical observable entities and hence we all are children of GOD. This deep connection with GOD defines true Love.

There are certain ways to increase Love which are as follows –

1. Relationship with GOD : It is very important to have a relation with GOD whether a mother-child relation, a father-child relation or a relation of friendship or any sort of relation that binds us with HIM. With the relationship, comes a feeling of Love and a feeling of intimacy that gives a constant remembrance.

Relation with god

2. Chanting GOD’s name : We all very closely relate ourselves with our names and we feel overwhelmed when we are called by our names. Same is with GOD who feels pleasured when someone calls HIS name and so HE responds.

Also, it is said that GOD has put all HIS strength and power in His Divine name, chanting which we get immense power to rise above the miseries of the human body. We are trapped in the vicious circle of life and death and we find no means to get rid of the never-ending circle, our Mentor tells that GOD’s name has the power to break that chain of life and death and among the four Yugas, i.e Satyug, Dwaparyug, Tretayug and Kalyug, the most prominent yuga in terms of evils is Kalyug but there is a great positivity connected with Kalyug that the way out to the hard traps of this yuga is just chanting of GOD’s name



3. Doing every work for GOD : Doing everything for GOD gives a constant remembrance of GOD. This has been well explained as ‘Karmyog’ in the holy book “Shrimad Bhagwad Gita”. Yog means connection and thus, Karmyog means connection through actions. Redirecting every action to GOD and having a feeling that it is all GOD’s strength through which every action is being done. It has a dual effect. Firstly, it vanishes one’s false ego and secondly, it gives constant remembrance of GOD throughout the action being performed.

Conclusion- in a nutshell, we can say that what is needed is a loving heart and that love if directed towards GOD is the highest and the supreme. Include GOD in every act, remembers HIM always, thank HIM and thus love HIM in any way and every way.

Hare Krishna !!

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  1. Gurubhagwan Ke Anant Shukrane Hain.
    We bow to our Supreme Power, Love Him and Respect Him.

  2. Shukrane Satguru Bhagwan Ji k.
    Only under Guru Bhagwan’s guidance we are loving to GOD!
    My Mentor is a big Magician.

  3. Gurubhagwan k anant anant shukrane…

  4. Guru ke annant shukrane hain Jo hamara prem bhagwanji sent karate hain

  5. Sad guru bhagwanji k anant shukrane h.

  6. Guru bhagwanji ke anant anant shukrane guru kripa Se hi prem aapatah naman h

  7. Sadguru bhagwan ke anant shukrane hein.
    sadguru hein mere prem ka saagar
    boond boond se bhar dee gaagar.

  8. Guru bhagwan ke anant shukrane hai.We are incomplete without your light of knowledge and wisdom.I felt miraculous aoura of NAAM JAAP..THANKU SO MUCH FOR YOUR DIVINE LOVE.

  9. Satguru Bhagwan ke anant anant anant shukrane

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