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Happy Krishna Janamashtami

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Whenever the negativity, sin and immorality increases on the earth plane, the Lord descends to the rescue of His devotees & destruction of ones who spread wickedness. To restore dharma that is the righteousness in thoughts, words and action, in every era.

                                                                                            – (Bhagvad Gita 4/8)

Therefore, in the Dwapar yuga {5000 years ago} Lord Vishnu ‘Narayan’ descended on the earth plane as Lord Krishna.

Significance of Janamashtami

1. The Lord appeared as the eighth son of Vasudev and Devaki in a prison cell in Mathura at midnight. The Lord asked Vasudev to leave Him to Nand baba and Yashodha in Gokul.

Back to Godhead - Volume 11, Number 08 - 1976

Nand means the one who gives Anand-Happiness to others. The Lord appears in the heart of the one who gives happiness to all, through his words, actions, behaviour and thoughts.

2. As soon as Vasudev carried the Lord on his head, the shackles broke off.

krishna vasudev copyThe one, whose mind is set with ‘Attaining Love for God’ as the main priority of life, is freed from the cycle of birth and death (the shakles).

3. Soon, the news of Krishna’s birth spread in Gokul. Everyone was impatient to see the Lord, but only the Gopis could enter the room. The men had to stand outside.

lord-krishna-is-born-janmashtami copy

He only gets entry into the Lord’s kingdom, who is loving and humble like the Gopis. The Lord resides in the heart of His loving devotees.

 4. The celebrations of Krishna’s birth started early morning 4 am.

krishna yashodha

The best time to do naam jap, meditation, prayer is from 4-6 am called the Brahm muhurat.

5. Thus, real Janamashtami is celebrated when only Love for God resides in our heart. In Kal yuga, it is said, ‘Kal yug keval naam adhara’. This means that in this Kalyug taking refuge in the God’s name is the only way to realize our oneness with God.

Trekking Kedarnath to Chamusi 007 copy



Satguru tells us, “Life is a continuous process. This life is like a single page from a book. We have lived many-many lifetimes. Still, entangled in the materialistic enjoyments and attachments of this world, we have not attained liberation from the cycles of birth and death. How to make our mind devoid of sensory pleasures {nirvishayi}? It is very difficult; an easy way to remove it from worldly pleasures is to engage it in the lotus feet of the Lord by chanting His name, praying to Him, increasing the love and devotion for God by reading the life history of the His devotees, listening to the glory and leelas of God and singing to the Lord {sankirtan}, which is possible only under the Divine guidance of a Spiritual Master.

That which is repeated in our heart and mind lifelong, will be remembered at the end moment. If only God is remembered then there are no more rebirths.”



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