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It's a humble request to all Indians

Guru Bhagwan Ke Shukrane hain-

“Iss Deepawali per hum log Chinese lights nahi lagayenge, Indian lights lagayenge.
Aur Indian crackers (patakhe) hi chalayenge.”

The News says,

The Rs 3,500 crore fireworks industry, which generates employment to more than 5 lakh people, is facing the worst-ever crisis in its 250-year-old history due to the Chinese vigorous intrusion into the cracker business.

Last year around 700 containers full of firecrackers worth about Rs 300 crore were imported to India from China and this year the import is expected to double.

Chinese fireworks, which contain potassium chlorate, is a compound banned in India.

Crackers containing Potash and perchloric (a powerful oxidizing agent) let out more than 80 per cent more carbon dioxide and their noise level too are very high above the permissible limits in India.

– By our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Let us be aware and use Indian made products (diyas, candles, lights, bulbs and crackers). 


September 29, 2014

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