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Be proud to be an Indian

This is the message by our Divine Mentor to all the young minds of today’s India.

India is a land of divine and rich culture. India is the land of spirituality, where great Saints and Gurus have incarnated to purify the lives of numerous people on a mass level and connect them to the Supreme Lord. They instil the rich Indian culture which says, We are a universal family, May everyone be happy and peaceful! May everyone have a helping attitude!” 

Few of the names are Aadi Guru Shankracharya,  Gautam Budhha, Lord Mahavir, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sant Kabir, Sant Gyaneshvar, Sant Tukaram,  Narsi Mehta, Sant Ravidas, Sant Tulsidas, Meera bai, Guru Nanak, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Swami Ramtirth, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ramsukhdas ji, Swami Akhandanand ji, Raman Maharshi,  Mother Teresa and our Guru.

The beginning of mathematics in the whole world began in India a thousands of years back by the great teacher Bhaskaracharya. Bhaskaracharya

Around 1100 years before Isaac Newton (who was born in the 17th century), the Indian scientists Lall and Bhaskaracharya invented the law of gravitational force.

aryabhattA thousand years before the birth of Galileo and Copernicus, one Indian who taught the world how to count, was Aryabhatta.The invention of astrology, zero, numbers, decimals, algebra were all in India. The subject of trigonometry has its basis in India.

Pythagorean-Theorem-pythagorasIt was Indian mathematician Baudhāyan who actually discovered the Pythagoras theorem thousands of years before the Greek mathematician Pythagoras was born! Rishi Baudhayana also invented the ‘Pi’  ( pi )  around 2600 years back.

India introduced the world to the healing methods thousands of years back by the Rishi’s in the form of Ayurveda ‘Science of life’.


The world’s first physician was the great Rishi ‘Charak’ who was born 300 years before the birth of Greek physician Hippocrates who is said as the first physician of the world. Acharya Charak in his book ‘Charak Samhita’ wrote the symptoms, treatment and medications for many diseases also including cancer. He had the knowledge of more than one lakh medicines.

CharakSanhita and sushruta

Around 2700 years back the father of Surgery, Sushruta gave the knowledge of surgery in his book ‘Sushrut Samhita’ which contains more than 300 types of operations and plastic surgery. Ancient Indian Rishi’s also gave the knowledge of brain surgery and veterinary medicine.

In India Patanjali Rishi presented ‘Yog’ to the world. Yog is not only physical fitness but mental fitness too as well as connecting with God.

India presented the world with the first ever University called Takshila University which was a centre for post graduate courses where more than 10,500 students studied together at one time. 64 types of subjects were taught by a group of 500 specialized teachers. Another world famous university is the Nalanda University, in India.


Our Indian culture is so rich in every form; it is the land of Rishis and Munis. Be proud to be a part of this holy land. Whatever we have learnt from our nation, be it knowledge, talent or creativity, it should be served to our nation itself. This shows our loyalty and faithfulness towards our country.

Let us take the opportunity today on 15th August, India’s Independence day, to express our deepest gratitude and salutation to all the great Rishis, Saints, Gurus as well as the Freedom Fighters of India who have made us proud of their dedication, hard work, sincerity and patriotism towards our nation. Let us learn from them to be the loyal and faithful towards our beautiful nation ‘India’.

We should be always grateful to the Almighty for giving us a human life on this pious Indian land. We need to learn to respect and serve our nation as much as possible.

Independence day

Wish you a very Happy Independence Day !!

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  1. Gurubhagwan ke anant shukrane hain. I am proud to be an Indian. Shukrane bhagwanji.

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