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Health Tips For Winters

Our Mentor gives us few tips for winters to stay healthy. The points are as follows:-

  1. Apply mustard oil or cow’s clarified butter (ghee) on the whole body especially in the nostrils and umbilicus, after bathing. It greases the whole body and prevents dryness of skin.
  2. Apply and rub mustard oil or sesame oil (til ka tel) on the soles at night before sleeping. This warms up the whole body and induces good sleep.
  3. Cover your head, ears, neck, hands and feet properly during winters. These are the entry points from where the body catches cold.
  4. While sitting on the floor use a blanket or a mat.
  5. Wear socks and shoes or slippers. Do not be bare footed.
  6. Avoid washing head frequently in winters. Wash your head at a gap of 3-5 days.
  7. Daily exercise, aerobics, cycling, yoga or jogging is very good for health and yields beneficial effects on a long run. Laughing is a very good exercise for body and mind.
  8. Sit in the sunlight everyday for sometime as it helps to produces Vitamin D in the body which is essential for healthy bones. (If a person complains of bone pains or pain in limbs regularly, then get his Vitamin D checked).
  9. To prevent recurrent cold, cough and lung infections, do pranayam regularly such as anulom vilom, bhramri, kapaal bhati. Surya bhedi pranayam increases body heat. (Consult a yoga teacher in case you have high blood pressure, heart disease or any other major health problem as in certain cases certain type of pranayam are restricted).yoga
  10. In case of cold, coryza consuming ginger and tulsi are very good. Whenever you suffer from cold and wet cough, do not swallow the phlegm. Try to spit out the phlegm through your nose or mouth. It keeps your lungs clear.
  11. Vitamin C builds up the body’s immunity. Amla is very rich in Vitamin C. (100 gms of amla = 600 mg of vitamin C, 100gms of orange = 20 gms of vitamin C).
  12. Take this Amla drink every morning for glowing skin & increased immunity. One spoon of amla juice + few drops of ginger + 4-5 leaves of tulsi crushed + 1 spoon of honey. Add one glass of warm water to it.
  13. Take vegetable soups and hot salads.
  14. Turmeric milk is highly beneficial for health.
  15. Constipation or unsatisfactory stools should be treated as it becomes the root cause of many diseases. Dried figs taken with warm milk at night or triphala taken with warm water at night and fruits such as guava, papaya, help to relieve constipation.
  16. Your multigrain flour should contain 60% wheat + 20% jaw + 20% Gram (Chana) + 10% pearl millet (bajra).
  17. In winters, drink at least 5-6 glasses of water daily. Drink 1-2 glasses of warm water early in the morning.
  18. Sesame seeds (til seeds) are very high in calcium. Roast sesame seeds, grind them add powdered sugar to it and consume it. It is very good for winters.
  19. During the time of change of season (from winters to summers) be very careful not to remove the sweaters, socks and mufflers immediately. This exposes the body to cold winds and prone to upper respiratory tract diseases, stomach upsets and muscular pains. Keep your body well covered even if you have to tolerate some heat.
  20. Certain homoeopathic medicines which are good for cold cough coryza are aconite, bryonia, arsenic album, allium cepa, sabadilla, rhus tox, hepar sulp. (Consult a homoeopathic physician for symptom matching).

Our Mentor says, “Keeping all these points in mind and following them keeps us fit and fine. Prevention is better than cure”. 


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