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Health is Wealth

  1. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. One can maintain a proper healthy routine only after waking up early so as to perform the right activity at the right time and ensure good health. Getting up 6:00 am or before is the right time.
  2. The urge to pass stool and urine should not be suppressed. It may cause diseases.
  3. Regular cleaning of the tongue to remove extra coatings is necessary for oral hygiene.
  4. Use a soft toothbrush. Replace it in every 2-3 months. Brush your teeth 2 times daily, morning and at night before sleeping.
  5. SA-healthy toothDo not use your nails, toothpicks or other pointed things to clean the teeth because it can wear away the gums and tooth enamel resulting in complete exposure of teeth.
  6. To remove food particles use a proper up-and-down motion with the brush and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. If brushing is inconvenient at some places, rinse with warm or plain water for at least 30 seconds.
  7. Breathe from the nostrils and not the mouth. Your nose is lined with small hairs that help filter the air. The air is warmed and moistened in the nose. Breathing from the mouth dries the pharynx, resulting in a dry cough and the formation of mucous.
  8. Have a well-balanced nutritious diet that includes all minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water in the requisite proportions. Eat salad in afternoon.Nutrients
  9. Never eat food while under stress, strain or worry as it hinders the digestive process. Avoid reading, studying or watching TV while eating as this forces the heart to pump more blood towards the brain, slowing down digestion.
  10. One is sometimes tempted to overeat tasty dishes. Avoid this as it distends the abdomen and leaves no space for water and air.
  11. Drinking lots of water relieves many ailments. Ensure the water is purified to avoid waterborne diseases. Drink water in the mornings just after getting up and before brushing your teeth. Drink at least a liter of water at one go and do not eat anything for up to an hour. After drinking water wash your face and brush your teeth. Those unable to drink so much water initially can start with one glass and gradually increase this to four glasses. The first one or two glasses have no effect on the body except for excessive urination. After a few days, everything becomes normal. People suffering from arthritis and vata diseases should do this treatment thrice a day. Drinking a copious quantity of water at one time cleans the intestine and improves its functioning. Even the Indian Health Association considers this a scientific method. Poisonous substances in the body are excreted within 24 hours. Constipation is relieved and it prevents many diseases.
  12. Do not bite your nails as they are a store house of germs and bacteria.
  13. Sweets should only be consumed after meals, as they tend to be tempting and filling. Particularly in the case of children, sweets satiate one’s hunger without actually meeting the body’s nutritional requirements so necessary for growth.
  14. Condiments such as chilies, pepper, mustard, garlic, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and the like should be used in limited amounts. Excessive use irritates the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, diminishing the desire for ordinary but nutritious food.
  15. Avoid tea or coffee, especially before meals. In minimal amounts, though, they act as a stimulant, making the body active and increasing proficiency. While preparing tea, spice it with tulsi, which is a good herb that boosts immunity.
  16. There should be an interval of 4 to 5 hours between meals, which gives time for the stomach to clear itself of the previous meal. Breakfast should be fulfilling, Lunch should be moderate and the evening meal should be lightest so that it is easily digested.
  17. Daily bathing is very essential both in winters and summers, otherwise the wastes (along with sweat in the form of oils) coming out of the skin are not washed and can lead to itching and other skin problems. Bathing helps in re-energizing oneself. After bathing make sure to wipe the whole body until dry. Do not wash eyes and hair with warm water, it damages the hair roots.
  18. Body posture matters a lot. Sit or stand with back straight so that there is sufficient space for the air to enter the lungs ensuring an optimum supply of air when the breath is drawn in.exercise
  19. For a good memory and good body, one should exercise daily for minimum half an hour. By doing this your mind becomes peaceful, you become happy and bad ideas are prevented from entering the mind.
  20. Sitting in the sun facilitates Vitamin D absorption. It helps in rejuvenating your body, increasing your lifespan and preventing the general malaise and insomnia.
  21. Pour one or two drops of oil in the ears daily. And daily massage of the feet and soles keeps one’s vision perfect as some nerves are directly linked with these body parts.
  22. Do not suppress or react but project your feelings. Suppression leads to depression and diseases. Reaction hurts the other person. Projection means to say your feelings to the other person in a balanced way.

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  1. All these health tips are really very useful. Anant anant Shukrane Guru Bhagwan ji. Guru Bhagwan Humara all round development karte hain.

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