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Happy New Year 2015


Wishing all of us a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 !

Our Guru says, we wish everyone a Happy New Year! But are we really Happy from within? First let each one of us become happy from inside and then we can celebrate the New Year 2015 in its real sense.

In the years which have passed by, we must have experienced sadness and gloominess in our heart. We must have experienced the negativities such as anger, resentment, feeling of i-ness ‘ego’, attachments and dislikes (raag-dwesh) for people. Today, let us leave all these negatives with the year 2014 and step forward in the year 2015 to renew, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves with positive thoughts, vibrancy and love for God.  EGO means Edging God Out. EGO itself says, Ego you go. Ego gone, gone all the troubles.

Let us pray to God to help us leave ego and enter the divine range of God where only Love for God exists. We have been searching for happiness all these years which have passed by, but have we found this happiness?


No, not yet! Eternal happiness or bliss does not lie in the world as the world is temporary and changeable.

Real happiness comes when we connect to God ‘Yog’. Real happiness comes when ego goes and love for God enters our heart.

Oh Lord, I must not forget you ever!

Let the work be done by the body and at the same time we must be in continuous remembrance of the Almighty.

Let these words vibrate in your mind each time you enter your work field-

  • Oh Lord, I am yours and you are mine.
  • Oh Lord, this work is being done for you.
  • Oh Lord, the work is being done with your help.
  • Oh Lord, I want nothing in return for this action.
  • Oh Lord, I surrender unto you.

Give your best, your 100% and the rest is in God’s hands.

Be in the company of God every time everywhere. The one who remembers God at every step radiates the following qualities –

1. His life force/energy flows continuously and uninterrupted. He remains energetic. Otherwise support of medicines is needed to sustain life force.

2. His brain power, intelligence, memory and creativity flourish. New ideas come from within otherwise help from books is needed.

3. He experiences a state of happiness/bliss otherwise people try to be happy from materialistic pleasures.

Showers of blessings and happiness for each one of us in the coming New Year 2015. 

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  1. Satguru bhagwan ke anant anant shukrane hain…

  2. Guru Bhagwan ke Anant Anant Shukrane…..

  3. Guru Bhagvan ke Annant Annant Shukrane

  4. Guru bhagvan ke charno me dhyan laga rahe.Ya d unki bani rahe.Kam jo bhi is shareer se karane ho kara le.Seva satsang chalta rahe esi kripa kerns.

  5. Happy New Year Bhagwanji. Many thanks to you for this wonderful blog on Happy New Year!

  6. Guru bhagwan ke anant anant shukraane.

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