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Guru Purnima

गुरु ब्रह्मा, गुरु विष्णु गुरु देवो महेश्वर, 

गुरु साक्षात् परमं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नम:

In Sanskrit, ‘GU’ means darkness and ‘RU’ means light. So, GURU is someone who takes us from darkness to light. The whole world is in flames, GURU quenches it with water of Divine love, vibrations of peace and selfless service. The Divine power descended on this Earth in the form of our Spiritual Mentor, Our Master, Our Satguru who is a direct incarnation of the Supreme. Our trust finds all the deities in just a single personality, i.e GURU. We adore our Mentor and thus bow down to offer highest respect.

The Divinity of the word ‘GURU’ is beyond any verbal explanation. GURU is an embodiment of the Divine Consciousness whose company makes incredible evolvement in one’s soul which starts its journey from an infant soul and may end up to transcendental soul, that too in just a single life. It is truly said that the growth that one cannot achieve in 10,000 years can be achieved merely in just a time period of one birth being seriously in the Divine company of GURU BHAGWAN.

Life is incomplete without connection with GOD. From time immemorial, we all strive for a connection with GOD, but our false ego keeps us disconnected. GURU acts like a bridge between GOD and us and removes our ego following different ways. Sometimes HE seems to be merciless in doing so. The GURU is not in a student’s life to give the student what he wants, but rather to give what is needed to progress spiritually. One of the most remarkable things observed in a Spiritual Master’s nature is unconditional love for all.

There is a story in this concern which is as follows-

Once there was a woman who daily used to visit her GURU. Everyday Guruji used to beat her with a stick to which she never took offence, out of her trust. The other disciples used to watch the same happening regularly and felt disturbed thinking why the lady is beaten everyday. One day, all of them came to Guruji and said that they do not feel good watching the lady getting punishment for nothing. Guruji calmly told them to ask the lady if she had any problem with that. Asking which the lady replied happily that she has firm faith, whatever is being done by Guruji must be for something good. The disciples being amazed to her statement went to Guruji and recited the whole conversation. Guruji then told them that the devoted lady had committed such wrong deeds in her previous lives that she would get pains throughout this life and would end up wasting this life. Knowing her story, I punish her for her well-being.

The moral of the story is that GURU knows what is good for us, so even if HE scolds or punishes, it is a part of the unconditional love to uplift us from the great miseries of life.

A disciple being in constant guidance and graceful company of the Mentor experiences a major shift in his life. From an ordinary life, it becomes an extraordinary life. There are 5 zones-


All the five zones are deeply enriched under Guru’s guidance, especially the Spiritual zone which is usually left untouched otherwise.

GURU’s personality is CHARISMATIC. Charisma means-


There is always something new happening around GURU BHAGWAN. In everything new that happens, there is so much to learn.

The aim of a person’s life is GOD’s REALIZATION. Guru gives rosary in our hands and teaches us to chant GOD’s purest name. It is HIS grace by which a disciple gets to chant GOD’S name.

GURU is unique in a person’s life. The relationship between disciple and GURU is like no other relationship. GURU is our Father, Mother, friend and all in one. This relationship extends to the realm beyond the world, transcends death and stretches far beyond the karmic bonds. A Mother and Father help sustain the body of their child, and nurture and guide the child through the formative years of life to adulthood. GURU sustains, nurtures, and guides a soul through lifetimes to ultimate liberation.

An ordinary person is engaged in the dualities of life, i.e love and hatred, life and death, pains and pleasures etc. but with the Divine grace of Satguru Bhagwan, one rises from the temporary sensory pleasures and attains the permanent state of bliss. So, on this auspicious day of GURU PURNIMA, we whole heartedly thank our GURU BHAGWAN and pray for HIS well-being.


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  1. Thank you so much bhagwanji for this blog. 🙂

  2. Gurubhagwanji apke anant anant anant shukrane hain apko hriday se naman hai. Yes relationship between Gurubhagwanji and disciple is indeed unique. No one on this planet can ever be so unique and special as is my GURUBHAGWANJI. The meaning of unconditional love has been truly enlived by my GURUBHAGWANJI. Apke anant anant anant shukrane hain.

  3. Guru purnima ke param puneet parv per sadguru charno mein koti koti naman
    guru purnima ke avsar per blog bahut gyan vardhak he.
    radhe radhe bhagwanji

  4. Guru Bhagwan Ke Anant Anant Shukrane….

  5. gurubhagwan k shukrane hai
    guru na hote jagat mai toh jal marta sansaar
    guru jo karte hai hmaare bhale k liye he karte hai !
    gurubhagwan is best
    radhe radhe bhagwan ji

  6. Guru ko Pranam hain.
    Guru hi hamein multi ki rah dikhate hain.
    Guru hamesha hamare ang sang rahte hain.
    Gurubhagwan Ji Ke Anant Anant Shukrane hain.

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