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The Significance of Goverdhan Pooja
Like every year, Nand baba is offering prayers to the deity Indra, in order to please him.  The seven year old little Krishna came to Baba and asked, “Baba, why is this pooja taking place, for whom and what is the purpose of these prayers?” Nand baba said, “We are doing preparations for worshiping the deity Indra. You see, he is the God of rains! He orders the clouds to shower rain and thus, the crops and plants grow and all farmers get their food. So, he is our God and we are worshiping him to make him happy.”
Krishna (To annihilate the pride of Indra Dev – Maan Mardan) said, “Baba, you have been worshiping Indra Dev since many years, but we never got a sight (darshan) of Him. On the other hand, we have always been forest dwellers. The forests and mountains are our homes. The Goverdhan hill provides a grazing land for our cows and herds. It gives grass and fodder for the cows. It has green forests at its periphery which gives wood, shelter and protection. Due to these forests we receive more rain. Indra dev is never visible and does not give anything. Therefore, we must offer prayers to the Goverdhan hill, cows and the Brahmins.”
Nand baba asked, “Lala, then how should we offer prayers to Goverdhan?”
Krishna said, “Baba, we must prepare for a yagya (prayer) and a feast (Annakoot) for all. Each and every household must bring some food item from their houses for the big feast.” The Brahmins must be given food, cows and presents (dakshina), the cows must be fed with fodder and the poor must be served and then offerings should be given to the Goverdhan hill.
Significance – Satguru says, Serving the poor, cows and the priests with good virtue, is like serving God. Goddess Annapurna does not bless the house which does not contribute for a mass meal.
When Indra Dev came to know about this pooja, he felt insulted. In a fury, he ordered the clouds to burst upon Vraj area and destroy everyone. The storm of thundering black clouds started raining massively. There was water all over the Vraj area.
The distressed and frightened gope, gopis, cows and everyone resorted to Krishna. They cried out and said “Oh our beloved Krishna! Only you can help us.” The Lord knew that the infuriated Indra dev lost in his magnificence, pride and ignorance, is doing all this.  Krishna said, “Do not worry. Do not fear. Goverdhan hill has told me that it will become weightless, so that I can lift it on my finger and then all of us can take its refuge. Believe me that no harm shall come to you when you come under the refuge of Goverdhan hill. I assure you that it will not fall down or do any harm to you all (God made everyone fearless – Abhay daan diya).” Nand baba said, “Krishna, then pick it up quickly.”
Goverdhan hill became as light as a feather and the seven year old little Krishna lifted it upon His little finger.

Bolo Goverdhan Dhaari ki Jai !!!


The gope, gopis, all the people of vraj with their cows and belongings left their homes and took shelter under the Goverdhan parvat.
Significance – Satguru says, The rain signifies the sensory pleasures (words, touch, sight, taste, smell). The little finger signifies Satogun. When the senses run towards the worldly pleasures then take the shelter of Satogun (The Holy books, Scriptures, the Divine company of Saints, Naam Jap).
The heavy rains continued for seven days and little Krishna held the mountain for seven days without moving a bit.
Looking at the Lord’s magnificence, Indra Dev realised that Krishna is the Lord Himself. All his pride vanished. He ordered the clouds to stop raining. He felt ashamed and asked for forgiveness. With bowed head and clasped hands he praised the Lord and said, “My Lord! It is your grace and compassion that you destroy the ego of the ones who (due to ignorance) think themselves to be all powerful as the Lord himself. My Lord! You are all knowing, all powerful, our Guru, our father, loving your devotees and compassionate. I pray to you and surrender unto you.”
The Goverdhan pooja is held on the next day of Deepawali. People make cow dung replicas of the legendary hill ‘Govardhan Parvat’, decorate it with flower petals and offer prayers.
Then Annakoot is prepared. As winters approach there are a variety of vegetables available which are chopped and cooked in an iron vessel. Eating this dish increases the iron and haemoglobin level in the body and prevents Anaemia.
Celebrating our Indian festivals soulfully preserves our culture and leads to our spiritual evolvement.
All Thanks to Our Sadguru Bhagwanji !!

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