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Can money buy happiness?? This is an important question we must ask ourselves before joining the rat race after money. Man thinks money is everything, this thought lets him hold money and it then becomes like stagnant water that stinks. Actually, money should keep moving from one hand to the other. That is why; it is called “currency”, something that should be ever flowing as the name is given with reference to “curr” which means a continuous movement or flow.


There are people who have to rush through muddy ways to get some money for a smooth running life and there are others who have just inherited it and use escalators to reach the top. The second ones seem to be happy always and the first ones struggle for achieving it. black-money-lead-black-money-l-pti-1But in reality, especially in today’s scenario, i.e. after the announcement of demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1000 notes, the unhappiest, most stressed and pitiable people are those who have loads of bundles of notes on their heads while those people who always had a tight hand over money are comparatively much relaxed. 500 and 1000 rupee notes are no longer being realized as legal tender, the Indian situation took a round about, spreading shockwaves throughout the country’s economy.

There is a real story in this concern. Soon after our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, on 8th November 2016, announced the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, a person who had quite a big amount of cash money at home, around 100 crores, had a sudden heart attack and he was admitted to the hospital. Doctor told that his arteries are blocked due to stress and also his mental condition is so unwell that he may soon even have memory loss. His family members got worried and they well tried to take him out of the financial shock. Slowly after recovery, he started realizing that money is not everything and can’t buy health for him. So, it proved that money is impermanent and can’t buy permanent happiness. It is just that human beings have a habit of relying on things for happiness.

Our Mentor tells outer things that we buy with money cannot make us satisfied every time but it is the inner stability within ourselves after getting worldly things that give us a feeling of being happy and contented.


So, GURU BHAGWAN says, for a permanent contentment, always remember GOD and pray. 

GURU BHAGWAN says, happiest people are not those getting more but those giving more. Having more money can’t give happiness but giving more money and making others happy gives immense happiness. Also, happiest people are not those full of designer wardrobes but happiest man is without a shirt.


The demolition of old currency and the introduction of new currency left the Indian citizens in shock. If money were to be the true investment then it could never be devalued, what so ever be the shape and size of notes. The short-term hardships that the Indians are right now facing are a great thing to be analyzed. We spent our breaths to earn money, and in no time it left us, is it true investment?? No, of course not. The truth is something that remains forever, whose value ever remains the same.

Let us see what GURU BHAGWAN tells, what we keep is not ours, rather what we give is ours. We all have a cosmic account which we can fill not by making fixed deposits; rather what we give to others gets added to our account. If we have a car, it means nothing at the cosmic level unless we have served people with that. We can always have the true investment just by intending to do the work for others, without any selfish motive.


It is true that the development of a nation is highly concerned with the cashless economy. cashlessCashless economy refers to a state of economy wherein all the financial transactions are being performed through banking. The advantage of getting the transactions done through banking is the removal of black money that has been rendered through dishonest ways, suppressing down the poor ones. Also, there is a transparency in the exchange of money. When we keep our currency in the bank, we become taxpayers, this tax contributes to the development of the nation, such as building up of infrastructure; roads, bridges, industries etc.

On the Spiritual side, we can serve our nation with the ultimate and real cashless economy, the purest of all, i.e. God’s divine name, chanting which we spread peace of mind among the citizens of the nation. Spirituality is the real economy of the nation.

2644721Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, is depicted in Indian art as an elegantly dressed deity with four hands, standing on lotus signifying the feeling of detachment, holding Kalash in one hand signifying fortune and from one hand always showering wealth. But her vehicle is an owl. Guru Bhagwan says, when Laxmi Ji comes alone, she arrives on owl, making fool of people and leaving them empty handed but when we call Narayan (Lord) to lighten up our path, then 51626a83190190bf7dd7052de30d80d0Goddess Laxmi comes automatically with Narayan giving all health, wealth, prosperity and the vehicle is now ’Garuda’ and not ‘owl’. So, it must be taken care of that we must not ask for money all the time rather when we invite God into our life, Goddess Laxmi is sure to accompany.

Guru Bhagwan tells that one day all currency will become mere paper with no value at all. The present scenario is a sample of the last day of our life when at once; we will have to leave all money aside. So, with our eyes wide open, we must observe that money and every worldly possession can leave us anytime, it is only God’s name that is our real currency.


Guru Bhagwan says where there is Divine Lord; there is prosperity, wealth, health and everything.  Success will always be on the side of God and His pure devotee. Wealth depends on a multitude of factors but at the end and the beginning it boils down only to the Divine grace of God. Also, it is quoted in Shri mad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter18, and verse 78 –

“Wherever there is Lord Krishna, the master of all Yog and mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer, there will be a certain victory, prosperity, extraordinary power, and righteousness”.

rosaryLet us resolve to serve the nation by discouraging corruption, promoting cashless economy and above all chanting God’s name-

हरे कृष्ण, हरे कृष्ण, कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे

हरे राम, हरे राम, राम राम हरे हरे

Let us pay back for the blood of martyrs who devoted their lives for ‘THE GREAT INDIAN INDEPENDENCE’ and now when we are independent from the bondages of others, let us break our inner bondages and individually become the pillars of the nation.

Hare Krishna !!


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