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Happy Teacher's Day

In India teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September {the birth date of India’s second president Dr. Radhakrishnan}, as a mark of appreciation, remembrance and thanks giving to all teachers who have been our guiding light in any field of life.

Spiritual Master
T- THANKS to our Mentor, who teaches us from his Heart, not from the book.
A – ART, to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
C – Like a CANDLE, he gives his life to light the way for others.
H – Gives HOPE and guides us when we are lost.
E – ENLIGHTENING the lives of many.

The worldly knowledge is imparted by the teacher at school and college which help to earn a livelihood. The spiritual knowledge is imparted by a Spiritual Master whom we call ‘Satguruwho structures our life and leads to our soul evolution.

The Spiritual Master ‘Guru’ takes the disciple from darkness to light and connects him to the supreme consciousness ‘Godwhich is the ultimate aim of every being. The main attributes of ‘Satguru’ are that he is Selfless, Compassionate, Inspiring, Supreme Benefactor, A Strict Master, has Unconditional Love, Unattached, Ego-less, Humble and Modest. He is the personification of truth and love. He speaks less and listens more. From outside he may appear to be strict with the disciple but from inside he supports the disciple with his unconditional love which attracts the spiritual aspirant and guides him on the path of God realization. He is the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion as he gives his time, energy and attention for the upliftment of a true disciple which no one in the world can do for anyone.

On this day let us all express deepest gratitude and reverence to our dearest Mentor who is a treasure in our lives. We bless him with all the goodness and well being so that He may carry on with God’s work of ‘Living for the benefit of the Humanity’ and direct us on the same path.


16 responses on "Happy Teacher's Day"

  1. Many Many thanks for such an enlightening blog article!

  2. satchit aanand swaroop
    jeevan path ko divya gyan n nishkaam prem se aalokit karne wale hamare guru bhagwan ko barambar naman he.
    hamare sachche path pradarshak adhyatam ke marg per nirantar badane wale prabhu charno mein prem jagrat karne wale guru bhagwan ko koti koti naman vandan pranam.
    kalpana bhatnagar

  3. Guru Bhagwan ke anant shukrana. I wish to receive your guidance always .

  4. Gurubhagwan ko ” Guru Diwas ” ke hardik badhai. Koti Koti Naman. Guruji aapke anant shukrane hain , aap har pal hamari sambhal karte hain. Shukrane.
    Jai Jai shree radhey !

  5. Guru Bhagwan ke Anant shukrane hai joh hum ko khus reh na sikhaye hai.Aur hum ko is sach ke marg me aage bada rahe hai. Naman hai Aap ko Bhagwanji.

  6. Millions of Thanks to my Spiritual Mentors. Ur presence in my life have always given me the strength and guided towards the right path. Feels Blessed to have YOU in my life.
    Happy Teachers Day …. 🙂
    Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara;
    Guru Sakshaat Parbrahm Tasmayi Shri Guruveh Namah

  7. Gurubhagwanji apke anant anant Shukrane hain. Thnx for guiding us always to a path which was unknown and would have remained so without your true guidance.

  8. guru bhagwan ke annant annant shukrane hai

  9. Thanks a million to our divine guru bhagwan. You are truly great and is constantly involved in our betterment.

  10. Poojya Guru Bhagwanji ke anant shukrane hain

  11. Gurubhagwanji apke anant anant anant shukrane hain. Thank you for being in our life. Words fall short to express our thanks as donot know what all to thank for because whatever beautiful is happening in life is all due to the unconditional love and support of Gurubhagwanji. Sach mein Bhagwanji “Na milte aap mere Satguru Na Jane hum kahan jate”. Apke anant anant anant shukrane hain.

  12. Guru bhagwan ji ke Anant Anant shukrane hai

  13. Million thanks to my Guru Bhagwan my spiritual teacher who taught us the way of living. Anant anant shukrane hai.

  14. Koti koti naman hai guru bhagwan ko,
    Anant anant shukrane hai

  15. Guru Bhagwan Ji aap k anant anant shukrane h

  16. Guru Bhagwan ke Shukrane !!

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