Spirtual Awareness

Here is a short story from the life of Sant Kabir Das which tells us the truth of life. The white scarf worn on the head during the cremation signifies that we realise this life is temporary (अशाश्वतं) just like a bubble which rises from the bottom of a pond and bursts on the surface of water. Life is also a house of sorrows (दुखाल्य्म), When this knowledge given by our Spiritual Master becomes permanent and rightly understood by our mind, it is called Permanent Vairagya (वैराग्य). Otherwise it is called ‘Masani Vairagya’ (मसानी वैराग्य) or Temporary Dispassion which comes like a wave and goes away quickly as soon as worldly situations become cordial.

Amongst all the people who came to the funeral, Sant Kabir Das understood this fact of life completely. Let us watch this inspiring video.

Hare Krishna !!