Spirtual Awareness

Judgement overburdens the mind with thoughts and creates likes, dislikes, attachments and resentment in the mind. Whenever an act is being performed and we judge the person, we often label him as good, bad, right or wrong. Thus, judgement creates cluttering in the mind and our focus is shifted from GOD and present moment awareness.
In this story, the elder sister thought wrong about the younger one while the younger one had a nice intention to serve sweeter apple to her sister. This made the elder sister regret. Similarly, we jump to conclusions, label people and then we regret.

Our Spiritual Master says, whenever we meet anyone, we should meet him as if we are meeting for the first time. Don’t judge people too quickly. We should make a habit of non-judgement. It gives peace of mind, connects us to GOD and makes our life happier.

Hare Krishna !!