Spirtual Awareness

We present you a UNIQUE story which you may have never heard before. The story has two characters. One is a rich man (Seth ji) who owns a departmental store in a big shopping mall and the other is an ordinary man who wants to purchase a lot of things but has no money.

Seth ji gives some money to this man in order to fulfill his desires which he does not need to return, but on one condition that the man should always remember Seth ji and feel gratitude towards him. The man goes to the mall, buys a lot of items and fulfills his desires. Then time comes when he has to show his accounts to Seth ji. The amount he has spent while remembering Seth ji is waived off. But the amount he spends without remembering Seth ji and getting engrossed in shopping is a debt on him, which he has to pay back to Sethji.

Similar is our story. This Sansar belongs to the Almighty ‘God’, but we do almost everything in our life without remembering Him. This becomes a debt on us which we don’t know. Thus, unknowingly we attract situations in our life which we have to face, in order to clear those debts.

Hare Krishna !!