Spirtual Awareness

cosmic energy

Cosmic energy is the energy of the supreme consciousness. We all are surrounded by it, in & out, always, every time, and everywhere.

What is Cosmic energy?

positive cosmic energyCosmic energy is the energy of the Consciousness. It is the energy that governs the functioning of entire cosmos. It is present in the galaxies, in the space, in the atoms and everywhere. Macrocosm and microcosm, everything is filled with cosmic energy.

All of us are constantly availing this energy but as our mind remains distracted with thoughts of past and future, so we are unable to get the most out of it. It is said that if we want to invite more of positive cosmic energy into our life, we need to focus our mind. One way of focusing the mind is to meditate. Meditation lessens our thought parade, quietens our mind and thus we are able to get the abundance of Cosmic energy into us.

Benefits of Cosmic Energy

  1. It heals- Cosmic energy heals us of blockages present in the body. Once aligned with the cosmic energy, we can become a channel of energy. Also, cosmic energy regulates the blood flow and lowers the stress on the heart.
  2. It expands our Consciousness A common person’s thoughts revolve around his own life, own family, own small world. When we focus our mind through techniques like meditation, deep breathing etc. , we are able to receive Cosmic energy and connect to the Divine Consciousness. This makes our field of thinking wider and thus makes us wiser too.
  3. It helps us lead a happy and prosperous life- Only living for oneself gives no happiness, even it brings lot of disappointment. When we are open to Cosmic energy, we start living for others which gives us internal happiness.

How to receive Cosmic energy?

  1. How to receive Cosmic energy?Meditation- Meditation is the best way to calm down the monkey mind. Our Mentor says, when the mind is not thinking this or that, then we are able to receive God’s purest cosmic energy. This energy when enters into the body, it clears all the blockages and removes all the heavy negative energies dwelling inside the body. With constant practice of meditation, our mind becomes focused and we are able to receive the Cosmic energy.
  2. External cleaning- Along with the inner cleaning of thoughts and negativities, it is also very important to keep the external environment clean.It is said that when our environment is cluttered, the frequency of thoughts in our mind increases manifold. So, Our Mentor says, declutter your mind by clearing the external space around yourself. For this, we can practice- ‘Buy one, give one’, i.e when we buy something new, for example, a dress, we must give an old one to someone needy so that we have a proper place for the new one. Another thing to practice is-‘when in doubt, throw it out’. If we havn’t used something for last six months, that means we are no loger going to use it any more, so its better to discard it and make clear space in the surroundings.
  3. Present moment awareness- Present moment awareness is the key to mindfulness. It refers to monitoring the current moment and not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. It makes the mind more focused and a focused mind receives more of cosmic energy.
  4. Limit ego self talks- We generally find that our talks include egoistic or selfish statements. There is an easy way to recognize this. We can observe our speech and find how many times we use the letter ‘I’ in our statements. A survey was done and it was found that the most oftenly used word in English language is ‘I’. Our Mentor says, we must try to avoid using words that reflect ego and try using humble words. This is a gross level step to receive the cosmic energy.

What does this Cosmic energy do?

Cosmic energy is all knowing, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient because it is God’s own energy. It can do anything and everything. What we need is just silence of mind through which we can welcome the ever present cosmic energy.

Holistic healing

Holy means pure. Holistic healing means receiving & vibrating the PUREST COSMIC ENERGY and treating the whole persona including mental & social factors rather than just the symptoms of the disease.

    1. COSMIC ENERGY or VISHWA SHAKTI as we may call it is the purest, healthiest, most subtle & most concentrated form of energy which is healing, surrounding and enveloping the whole universe or COSMOS.

    2. After this, comes Air which energizes us in the form of oxygen transported to all cells of the body through blood.

    3. Then Water– the Elixir of life which detoxifies and purifies our body.

    4. At last comes food which is the most focused & gross form of energy.

Our body is truly wonderful. It is like an interconnected web of many systems and organs working together. When one system is stressed or agitated, the brain sends ripples (signals) across the body & the whole body feels stressed out & disturbed.
When we are emotionally disturbed, stress hormones adrenalin & cortisol are released in blood inducing illness in the body.

Emotions i.e. Energy in motion. An emotionally disbalanced mind sucks our physical energy too & leaves us drained out. But when we detach from this monkey mind and see the big picture, we realize that everything happens for a reason.

We wish to solve all problems at the physical or psychological level but when we rise to the spiritual level & connect to the Universal energy, all the problems are effortlessly solved and we attain permanent peace & bliss.