Spirtual Awareness

Devaji Pujari

Lord Krishna’s grace on Bhakt Devaji Pujari

devaji pujari- devotee of lord krishnaIn a temple near the city of Udaipur, there lived a priest named Devaji. He used to perform all the holy rituals {pooja} of the Lord precisely, with devotion.

One night as usual the priest recited the prayers, before resting the Lord. He removed Lord Krishna’s garland and kept it on his head. As he stepped out of the temple, the king of Udaipur entered. He got surprised to see the king at night. In a hurry, he quickly greeted the Majesty with the garland kept on his head. Devaji was an old priest, so his white hair got entangled into the garland. Looking at the entangled white hair the king sarcastically said, “Oh! It seems as if the Lord’s hair has turned white.” Hastily, the priest said yes.

The king said, “Ok, then I will come tomorrow to the temple and check by myself.” The priest could not sleep the whole night and kept on crying. “Oh God! What did I say to the King…My Lord! You are ever young…I am such a lowly person; I do not possess any devotion and faith in You…I serve You only to live my livelihood…You have always come to save your devotees…but would You come to my rescue?…Would You turn your hair white?…Oh God! Please do what is right.”

In the morning, Devaji opened the temple doors with trembling hands. Lo and Behold!! All hair of the Lord had turned white…!! Devaji went unconscious and fell to the ground. Soon, the King also arrived and was shocked to see Lord Krishna in white hair.

Thinking that the white hair have been stuck from outside, he moved towards the idol and plucked out one hair from the head. The Lord squeezed his nose and a drop of blood splashed onto the King’s dress. The King fell onto Devaji’s feet and pleaded for forgiveness for his wrong act.

Devaji said- “All this is the glory and greatness of my Lord…He is very kind and merciful…He turned His hair white, showered His love and compassion on an unworthy person like me…My Lord is great.” And both fell unto the lotus feet of Lord Krishna and cried.

Hey Nath Aapko Bhulu Nahi, Ap Har Pal Yaad Rahen