Spirtual Awareness
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In Meditation we listen to God and in prayer God listens to us.Meditation is a practice in which a spiritual disciple under the guidance of Spiritual master trains his/her mind to be in thoughtless st...

Bhajan (Hymns)

Bhajan (hymns) is enchanting of the God's Glory by our Divine Spiritual Masters. Let's Praise the Lord by singing Hymns.

Guru Vani

Guru Vani is the knowledge imparted to the disciple by the Satguru (Mentor). Through these Vanis his love, grace and knowledge flows and it is heart to heart transfer of grace, love and knowledge. Gur...

Hare Krishna Chanting

Name chanting or naam jap is continuous chanting of the holy name of our beloved God. When performed in a group, it is called naam sankeertan. In the holy scriptures, it is said, "Kalyug keval naam aa...

Bhakt Charitra

Love for God is the biggest attribute which leads to peace, joy and satisfaction in our life that no worldly pleasure can give. A bhakt is a true ideal to emulate which ignites the fire of Love for Go...

Prayer to God (Prarthna)

"Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God"- Mother Teresa