Spirtual Awareness


It is a common saying which describes the importance of time. Time is very precious but we often underestimate its importance and forget that we should not waste it. The time once gone would never come again. We can make good use of present time- We can learn a lesson from it or waste it in worldly affairs.

Some people generally complain that passing their time is very difficult. They feel so because they don’t know how they can make good use of the present time. Managing time or utilizing it properly leads to success i.e. – accomplishment of one’s goal.

The right way to utilize time is to do your best in the present moment. For a student, there is a need of active participation in everything he undertakes, be it  studies or games, to keep himself mentally and physically active and to spend his time in the best possible way.

When people don’t take care of time, time also doesn’t take care of them and they realize the importance of time only when it is not in their hands. Time is the most valuable bounty presented to us by God, so we should understand its importance. Our Satguru says “Don’t waste time, learn from every moment of your life and never depend on tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. Be in awareness.”

Therefore, it is rightly said,
“Kal Kare so aaj kar,aaj kare so ab.
Umar beet jayegi,kaam karega kab.”

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