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Stories of bhakts inspires us

Love for God is the biggest attribute which leads to peace, joy and satisfaction in our life that no worldly pleasure can give. A bhakt is a true ideal to emulate which ignites the fire of Love for God within us. This fire is never extinguished; it is present in each one of us. Today’s youth and people of the society emulate movie stars, sports persons etc. But this does not give us peace of mind. Satguru guides us to read one story of a bhakt in one day. This will ignite the fire of Love for God within us and lead us to God-realization or Self-realization.

This section provides our readers the ancient stories of the Bhakt across the India. You can browse through the different stories from the navigation below. Also we provide a feature of marking stories as favorite for our registered users to which they can refer to anytime from the “My Favorite Stories” tab on My Profile Page. Wishing our readers a happy reading.

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